Party with villians, a case of Demi-Sec to chase the Henny, Wet any clique, with the semi-tech who want it, Diamonds I flaunt it, chickenheads flock I lace em, Fried broiled with basil, taste em, crack the legs way out of formation, it's horizontal how have em, fuckin me in the Benz wagon, Can it be Vanity from Last Dragon, Grab your gun it's on though, Shit is grimy, real niggaz buck in broad daylight with the broke Mac it won't spray right, Don't give a fuck who they hit, as long as the drama's lit,Yo, overnight thugs, bug cause they ain't promised shit, Hungry-ass hooligans stay on that piranha shit
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Bad Girls Club-Cassie & Nicki Minaj

Bad Girls Club-Cassie & Nicki Minaj

Cam Shit-Cassie Ventura

Cam Shit-Cassie Ventura

Beige & Beautiful-Cassie

Beige & Beautiful-Cassie

Aesthetic Pleasure-Cassie

Aesthetic Pleasure-Cassie

Music Review-Cassie: RockaByeBaby

Genre: Pop\Hip-Hop\R&B

Label: Bad Boy\Interscope

Track List:

  • 1-Intro
  • 2-Paradise ft. Wiz Khalifa
  • 3-Take Care of Me Baby ft. Pusha T
  • 4-Addiction ft. French Montana
  • 5-Numb
  • 6-Sound of Love ft. Jeremiah
  • 7-I Love It ft. Fabolous
  • 8-RockaByeBaby
  • 9-I Know What You Want
  • 10-Turn Up ft. Meek Mill
  • 11-Do My Dance ft. Too Short
  • 12-Bad Bitches ft. Esther Dean
  • 13-All My Love

Producers: Da Internz, Rob Holladay, Mike Will, MADE It, Trappin Ass Mac, Big Juice, The Real Knotch, The Fr3shman, Young Chop, Soundz Dope

I didn’t have good expectations for this mixtape because her album wasn’t that good and the music I heard in between wasn’t very good either. Looking at the cover and hearing the intro, I thought Cassie was going to get on this mixtape and pretend that she’s something she’s not. I mean when you think of Cassie, New Jack City is the last thing you think of.

RockAByeBaby was a huge surprise though. It was very good. She has some dope features and some very good songs. She has songs on this mixtape that really make up for her lack of vocal ability. The production is solid as it was on her last album but because she has a bunch of different producers she can give you a variety of sounds.

I think Cassie stays true to herself, I thought as the music was starting that she was going to try and merge into Rihanna’s lane but she didn’t. She kept it Cassie and just stepped up the music. BTW my favorite song on the mixtape doesn’t have a feature on it.

I give this mixtape a
7.0 out of 10

Music Review-Cassie: Cassie (2006)

Genre: Pop\R&B\Hip-Hop

Label: Bad Boy\Next Selection

Track List:

  • 1-Me & U
  • 2-Long Way To Go
  • 3-About Time
  • 4-Kiss Me
  • 5-Call You Out
  • 6-Just One Night
  • 7-Hope You’re Behaving (Interlude)
  • 8-Not With You
  • 9-Ditto
  • 10-What Do You Want
  • 11-Miss Your Touch

Producer: Ryan Leslie

I don’t think anyone anticipated or even liked this album. Cassie gets alot of flak for not being a strong vocalist and not having  much of a career beyond  her first album. Most reviews i’ve seen of this album have been fairly good accept that of Stylus Magazine that gave it a D+ overall. Although this album is kind of cheesy and Cassie isn’t that great of a singer, I actually found songs on it that a listen to frequently (such as Miss Your Touch, Just One Night, Long Way to Go, & Ditto). Although Ryan Leslie’s production on this album was solid, maybe Cassie needs a new direction with her music. Often times not enough of her personality comes out in her music and if you look at who is selling and who is the most popular among female artists you can see that they have huge personas even if that persona is just a character they play when making music and not really who they are.

I find this album a little detached. There’s no features , just eleven straight tracks of Cassie and it’s not as bad as some may suggest but if she ever drops a second album I expect alot better.

I give Cassie’s first album a
5.0 out of 10

Asker empressmo Asks:
Awwww I must of hurt your groupie feelings. Stay away from my blog with your clone attitude.
cryamerica cryamerica Said:

Who looks like their feelings are hurt? Someone typing in all caps and cursing because they got blocked from Cassie’s instagram or the guy who simply thinks what she did was justified?

FYI if you tag Cassie in a post on tumblr, people who are looking for Cassie related material will find it. Don’t flatter yourself to think I found your blog on purpose.

Asian Invasion-Cassie Ventura 

Asian Invasion-Cassie Ventura 

Aesthetic Pleasure-Cassie Ventura

Queen Shit-Cassie for Status Magazine