Party with villians, a case of Demi-Sec to chase the Henny, Wet any clique, with the semi-tech who want it, Diamonds I flaunt it, chickenheads flock I lace em, Fried broiled with basil, taste em, crack the legs way out of formation, it's horizontal how have em, fuckin me in the Benz wagon, Can it be Vanity from Last Dragon, Grab your gun it's on though, Shit is grimy, real niggaz buck in broad daylight with the broke Mac it won't spray right, Don't give a fuck who they hit, as long as the drama's lit,Yo, overnight thugs, bug cause they ain't promised shit, Hungry-ass hooligans stay on that piranha shit
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Music Review-Nas: Nastradamus

Genre: Hip-Hop

Label: Ill Will\Columbia

Track List: 

  • 01-The Prediction ft. Jessica Care Moore
  • 02-Life We Choose
  • 03-Nastradamus
  • 04-Some of us Have Angels
  • 05-Project Windows ft. Ron Isley
  • 06-Come Get Me
  • 07-Shoot’em Up
  • 08-Last Words ft. Millennium Thug & Nayshawn
  • 09-Family ft. Mobb Deep
  • 10-God Loves Us
  • 11-Quiet Niggas ft. Bravehearts
  • 12-New World
  • 13-You Owe Me ft. Ginuwine
  • 14-The Outcome

Producers: Rich Nice, L.E.S., Dame Grease, DJ Premier, Timbaland

This album for Nas, seemed like a bit of a transition from what we are used to hearing from him. He still told creative stories of the ghetto, with songs like Shoot’em Up but he also seemed to move into a more commercial space with songs like You Owe Me. Although I am a huge Nas fan, this is one of my least favorite albums from him. Shoot’em and Project Windows are probably my favorite songs on the album, the other ones don’t really move me at all. Nas didn’t lose any creativity or rhyming ability, this was just a very different album for me, and sometimes different isn’t good…but not in this case.


  • Although the album doesn’t have many good songs it has some that are on my list of all-time favorites


  • Many songs on this album are skippable. It doesn’t have the same feel the first two had

I give this album a

5.9 out of 10