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Celebrity Shit-Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor, U Mad?

As soon as it was announced that Lindsay would be taking the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a biopic, the bitching started right away. Guess what? This movie is going straight to lifetime, it’s not even being shown in the theaters…who gives a shit?  I was born in ‘86. I don’t quite remember Elizabeth’s heyday, but hey..Hip-Hop fans of my generation had to endure that wack ass Notorious biopic about one of the greatest artists of our time, Notorious B.I.G. (Chris Wallace) so fuck you…Lifetime viewers, now you know how we feel. 

Lindsay of course took issue with, one Rosie O’Donnell making a statement about the situation but, Rosie’s perspective on the whole thing is the least annoying because it seems to be coming from a place of sincerity. Rosie is more suggesting that Lindsay needs help for her problems off-screen while others take issue with Lindsay having the talent to pull the part off in the first place.

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